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We don't have enough assistance to do everything that we have plans for - unfortunatly, there is a lot more than just building and maintaining trails.  There are many ways to get involved and help out the Black Rock Mountain Bike Area trails....


Who To Contact:


Click on 'Contact Us' for full list of core BRMBA members or here is a list of people to contact about specific stuff...



Work at organized Trail Build Day:


This is the best way to directly help with the trails!  By actually swinging a polaski, digging holes, building man-made-trail-features (drops, jumps, berms) - putting trail ON THE GROUND and maintaining existing trail.




(See Calendar of Events for posted trail work days, or contact the Volunteer Coordinator -Sean McGuire This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - Volunteer coordinator)

You can also contact one of the trail managers directly if you want to get in on "unscheduled" trail building (and we do A LOT of that!  Some of us are out there weekly during the "build season"... from Fall thru Spring).


Construction Materials we need right now:


  • PVC pipe for drainage (At least 2" or 3" but  bigger is ok too).
  • cement paver bricks


Volunteer for Black Rock Mountain Bike Patrol:


(currently in planning stages and pending vote by BRMBA Board!)  Contact Patrol coordinator if interested - Mary DeConcini -  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

The Black Rock Mountain Bike Patrol group will be comprised of volunteer mountain bikers who have completed appropriate training and are able to inform, assist and educate fellow mountain bikers and other trail users.  See 'Black Rock Patrol ' for more details.


bike patrol


Donate Money:


As a non-profit, BRMBA relies on the generousity of people like you who are willing to "share the wealth" (so to speak).  We are always in need of operating capital and money to pay for necessary tools to build and maintain the trails and trailhead facilities.

Now that BRMBA is a 501(c)(3) your contributions (either of cash or goods) is tax-deductible on your tax returns.  For a summary, read IRS publication 1771 about "CharitableContributions—Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements".  For details, read IRS Publication 526 "Charitable Contributions" (this includes details about logging your mileage when driving to volunteer for trailwork or other event in support of BRMBA).



Jump here to throw some cash our way ! 




Fundraiser Events: 


We have an annual raffle fundraiser, Demo Day's, and scheduled "shuttle day" fundraisers - so keep an eye on the Event Calendar for upcoming events.


Event Calendar


Volunteer to Serve on the Board of Directors:


BRMBA is a non-profit organization with mission to serve the Black Rock trails and other local trails.  The Board of Directors has 3 elected officers (president, secretary, and treasurer) plus additional positions for trail managers, special projects, and "members-at-large".

Click on 'About BRMBA' for more details on each position, and for a link to the Bylaws (info about how the organization operates).   The officer positions are 2 year, elected positions.

The monthly meetings are at the beginning of each month, with rotating days, and they are open to any one who is interested in what's going on at Black Rock trails.  See Event Calendar, Facebook (Black Rock Brmba) or the Home Page for more details. They are generally at Santiam Bicycle, but sometimes at other places - for example, in riders backyard for a BBQ.



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