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Written by Mary DeConcini   
Wednesday, 09 March 2011 12:28

Meeting Minutes for 03/14/2012


Meeting was opened by Mary DeConcini at 7:45 pm


Attendees: Mary DeConcini, Dan Shell, Todd Glascoe, Dino Venti, Chad DeMers, Eric Emerson, Patrick Stephenson, Laura McCracken, Christopher Berry, (Rich Bontrager, president, absent)


Talked about building a changing room at the parking lot for anyone who would like to use it to change into riding attire.  This might help with one of the issues with the camp; had issues with riders changing their clothes in the parking lot and it offended camp attendees.  Tood Glascoe said that he wouldn't mind building it at work and Eric Emerson offered to help him get it to the mountain.  This will not be permenant, we can move it whenever needed (possibly when we get a new entrance)


New Entrance access was discussed and so far we haven't gotten too far.  County board denied the request for a new entrance, stated they are afraid the issues will move with it.  We are going to keep trying.


It was brought up that users of are not able to donate money for some reason.  Mary DeConcini (Website Administrator - back up) stated she would work on getting the Paypal - 'Donate' button added to the website.


We had almost 25 volunteers at the maintenance day on March 11th.  It was raining pretty hard that day and still had a great turn out.


We talked about when to have the 'Volunteer Shuttle Day' for all of the volunteers who helped with the Shuttle Day last year.  A little late, but its scheduled.  If you helped out at the Shuttle Day, you will be receiving an email from Mary DeConcini about when it will be and instructions on where to meet.


We noticed some tools missing after the last maintenance day (March 11th) and talked about maybe buying/rent a Storage bin to keep them locked up and out of the weather.  Tony got an estimate on a frieght bin/shipping container/conix box and found out they will will $110 a month with $200 delivery or $2800 to buy one and deliver.  We are going to look into this more and see if we have the funds right now or if we need to have another event/fundraiser/donate 'something' to help us get it.


Talked about getting a portable sawmill brought out to Black Rock for the day-  Logs to Lumber Inc, Albany gave us a quote for $90/hr or $0.40/ board foot.  2 hour minimum (they are cabable of 1500-2000 board foot per 8 hour shift, price covers bringing a fork lift to the site, and they must consolidate logs to 1 site.  If we go this route, we are going to do five hours.  Maybe purchase one?  This will be researched more on the financial side and to see if there are other options.  It is just too hard on the current chain saw BRMBA has now to keep doing what we are doing.  Maybe have a fund drive with name recognition on machine and we could rent to other organizations for donation with authorized operator (looking into this more to see if there are certain requirements)


Laura McCracken and a couple other people stated they would be interested in holding a 'Skills Clinic'.  Laura said for the 'Women's Skills Clinic she would like to do June 16th, possibly.


Todd Glascoe stated that he is noticing some 'leftovers' from replacing or rebuilding structers and suggested we combine that all in one area so when we want to have a fire we have the wood in one area and it will be easier to find.  It has been decided that if you don't need wood that is left over from rebuilding features, etc. that it should be brought down to Basic Training area, behind the benches.


Chad Demers (new guest) talked about a Corvallis City Park Skills Park he is working on and wondered if BRMBA would be interested in supporting this development.  It would be a green - black level skill park in a Corvallis City Park.  He and Eric Emerson have met with the Corvallis Parks department (handed out a letter he gave to them) about it and it seems like they are interested, just don't know where, etc.  Asked if BRMBA members would be interested in helping with it. 


People are wondering if there are meeting minutes from all of the meetings on the website.  Mary DeConcini stated that yes, there are meeting minutes on the website and is sorry that she hasn't gotten the last two meeting minutes up, she and family have been sick so she wasn't able to attend, but stated she is getting minutes from Rich Bontrager and will have them up.  They are located in the 'About BRMBA' link, under BRMBA Board Minutes'.


Dino Venti (Venti's owner) stated he would donate money to help the purchase of signs for the trails and trailhead.  We will be revamping the trailhead sign so it is less busy and more user friendly and redoing some of the 'What to do next' 'How to' and 'Where to go next' signs so everyone understands how to get to the trails.  This should prevent new riders from wondering onto the Camp's property.  There is some confusion on where to go once you get to the 'Y' after the first gate since the road to the trails has been blocked off (this has since been changed and no more blocks are up).  We will revisit this during the next meeting.


Dino Venti (Venti's owner) and Chris Berry said they would donate some funds to get some T-shirts and stickers printed for the Membership Program.


Meeting was closed at 9:05 pm


(Next meeting will be 04/12/2012)



Meeting Minutes for 08/12/2011


Attendees: Rich Bontrager, Mary DeConcini, Brian Joseph, Todd Glasgoe, Anthony Collistro, Christopher Berry, Sean Temple, Raleigh Henshaw, Sean McGuire, Louis Brumbaugh, Patrick Stephenson, Dan Shell, Tony Valentin, and

Meeting was opened by Rich Bontrager (President) at 7:30pm....

It was voted to start having the meetings every month, instead of every other month since there is alot to talk about at the meetings and they are easier to schedule.  The days that the meetings will be scheduled on will be Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays; rotating days.  The next meeting will be Sept 8th, 2011 at 7:30pm, at Santiam Bicycle.  The following meeting will be in October and on a Friday (not planned yet).

(Rich B) said that he talked with Weyerhauser and that they initially said no to using some of their land for the new enterance.  He says that he needs to work on this more and hopefully we will be able to get a new enterance soon.  He said he will update us on his progress at the next meeting.

- also shared that he received a call from the Sheriff today stating Brad (Camp Manager) has call in about 12 or so traspassing complaints in the past few weeks and basically asked all to be sited!  Sound like the District Attorney will be contacting the camp board.  He said the Sheriff recommended some Polk County road signs and he is emailing me the application (probably $62 per sign, 2 recommended) that will be put in at the 'Y' in the road.  Voted on if we should go ahead and purchase these signs to help with new riders and directions to get to the trails.....It was voted to have the signs purchased.  (County would install for us).

(All) Talked about having a Shuttle Day at Black Rock and all voted to have one next month (Price will be $35 for one day and $50 for both days).  Mary D will be putting together all of the volunteers (some attendees already volunteered for some of the duties).

(All) Talked about scheduling maintenance days (no building!!).  Mary D will pick the actual dates of the months; November 2011, January 2012, March 2012, and May 2012.  October 2011 will be the month that everyone will get together and get the list of things that need to be done and to make sure all of the tools are there, and distribute to trail areas.

Sean McGuire talked about the new insurance for the board members and volunteers, for any reason suits are brought against anyone volunteering or members of the Association; including Trail Managers, we will be protected under this new insurance.  The new insurance however will not cover any moving features; everything has to be stationary, so teeter-totters will have to be removed.

Dan S talked about the City of Albany dirt jumps and his position in it.  All stated it sounds like a good idea, but since the fairgrounds project took alot of our resources, we don't want to have that happen again.  Dan agrees and stated that he only needs minimal efforts from BRMBA.  All said that we will keep it on our meeting agenda and we will need an update at the next meeting.

Received a race update and it has been confirmed they are still having the last race of the series October 29-30th, 2011.  No other updates needed at this time.

Mary D stated that we haven't had a financial update from the Treasurer lately.  Rich B, said he would get one from John W and see if he is still interested in staying on as Treasurer.

Rich B stated that we still need help with the following things: 

Non-profit analyzer - needs to review our groups by-laws, update and make we are in compliance with everything

Engineer- start looking at new enterance possibilities

Fundraiser/Grant writer- new enterance funds

**Then Rich B opened the floor to anyone that had any questions or comments***

no comments stated by anyone

Rich B closed the meeting at 9:15 pm...............................

 (Next meeting will be 09/08/2011 at 7:30pm)


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