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Written by Richb   
Wednesday, 01 July 2009 14:18

Important Reminders about the Black Rock Trails!


Please remember the normal Black Rock rules:


1.  Stay on the road that leads up to the trails (please don’t trespass on the camp property; don’t drive past the camp entrance do not park in the camp field)!

2.  NEVER speed down the road through the camp at the end of the day!  The MAX speed is 15 MPH; better yet go slower, enjoy the view and wave and say hi to the campers! 

3.  Be courteous when parked, don’t change in direct view of passers by; remember there is no alcohol allowed in the parking lot (it’s a county road and it’s not legal).  Please remember this is a church camp and lots of kids are coming and going, they don’t need to see your bare backside!  Watch your language and please no loud music! 

4.  Leash your dog while one the camp property; DON’T let you dog use the camp field as a bathroom (kids play here and hey you don’t like falling in dog do-do and you don’t want that on your shoes!). 


PLEASE if it’s your first time to BR, take time to read the rules; If you are a REGULAR at BR then please be vocal, remind people when they aren’t following the rules (be nice, but SPEAK up!).  IT IS UP TO ALL OF US USERS TO MAKE SURE EVERYONE FOLLOWS THE RULES.  All we need is that one person to ruin it all for all of us! 


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